The best thing about being a singing teacher .....

is is seeing the incredibly fast progress that students make. Not just with their confidence but also their skills and control over their instrument (usually the voice, in my case).

I had a rewarding moment this week, when a fellow music teacher observed a shy and anxious student I have been coaching 1:1 for only a few weeks; she told me that she had been at a concert the previous evening, and when this particular student finally overcame her nerves and took hold of the mic on stage she couldn’t believe the transformation in her voice. This student had gone from being a shy, quiet singer at the back, to a full-on soloist with a belting voice and masses of stage presence.

In fact my colleague’s exact words to me were- ‘I didn’t realise that singing lessons could make such a difference’. And this from someone who has taught children to play musical instruments for over 20 years!

Being an effective teacher isn’t just about telling someone they are doing great, and to keep on trying. It is much more than this. You have to have the skill and sensitivity to pick out the areas which need work and improvement, giving manageable tasks which the student can take away and improve on their own. It is about giving the tools to become an independent learner; in the case of singing and playing instruments students have to develop a critical ear about the sound they are making. And this is achievable from a surprisingly young age.

For many children, especially those who may struggle in school with academic subjects, or have emotional issues affecting their lives, singing is a definitely a very valuable type of therapy. It allows self expression, and an escape from the judgements of every day life. In some ways it lets you to become a different person, momentarily at least.

It’s absolutely amazing how much confidence can grow, with regular singing lessons. And this can have a knock-on effect in many other areas of life too both at school and in the wide world.I believe that singing is everyone’s birthright….and this is why everyone can and should sing. So, if you are lucky enough to afford singing lessons I encourage you to consider it. At Singing’s Cool all new singers are offered a free taster session, either in a group (kids) or 1:1 for all ages.

As my colleague observed – it really can make a difference!

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