Why sign your child up for singing lessons?​ ​

With the bewildering array of after-school clubs and activities on offer it's no surprise that many parents often aren't sure if singing lessons are worthwhile. However, I have never met a parent that regretted deciding to send their child for lessons.

Here are 5 good reasons to help you decide if it's right for your budding superstar:

1. It will help them to build confidence, not just with singing and performing, but in many other areas, including their academic work.

2. They will learn good vocal technique from a young age, which means they won't develop problems commonly associated with vocal fatigue.

3. They will make new friends from other schools and different backgrounds.

4. They will have fun, while being encouraged to learn songs from different eras.

5. Finally (and perhaps most importantly) you, as a parent, will enjoy getting to see your child perform at live gigs and public events.

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