Good Vocal Technique

Good Vocal Technique is crucial to learn if you are keen to make a career out of singing, or even if you just like to  sing a lot for fun. The  earlier you can iron  out any bad habits, and project your voice safely, the better.

Our philosophy is to put vocal health first, and if there are any issues with a student's voice we work hard, using helpful exercises and appropriate songs, to correct any problems.

In 1:1 lessons you  can have objectives tailored to your specific needs, usually for between 30 minutes and a n hour, and at a time that suits you: you will be given exercises to practise regularly, which are fun and easy to remember. These are vital in ensuring that you look after your voice and make the progress you would like.

About Helen

Helen  has taught children of all ages and adults too, including people with special needs and learning disabilities.  Helen is passionate about helping people to unleash their inner musician!

Helen is a DBS checked qualified primary teacher with many years of experience teaching in mainstream schools and the private sector, both in the UK and abroad.

From a young age Helen has enjoyed playing classical music as well as performing with various pop and folk bands. Helen is passionate about helping people to find their inner singing voice and she believes that most people who can talk, can sing!

As well as teaching at Singing's Cool, Helen directs and arranges music for Brighton Vox Community choir (see the link below) and she regularly performs as part of an original Latino Jazz funk band loop the moon

Helen also works as a music teacher in local schools, running workshops, teaching privately and in association with other organisations.

"Helen is an amazing and inspiring teacher. She has taught me how to have confidence in my voice and helped me to feel less nervous about performing."

"My 7 year old is autistic and has benefited greatly from Helen's interactive, inclusive style of teaching: she has taught her fantastic vocal exercises to help develop her voice correctly and use good technique. I would highly recommend Singing's Cool to any parent with children who love to sing."

"Helen's lessons are highly recommended; my daugher suffers with anxiety and lack of confidence, and I have been so impressed with how the patient and inclusive style of teaching has enabled her to overcome her fears. She even stood onstage and performed in front of an audience, which I never thought was possible."

Adult choirs
Click here to find out more about the singing group for adults.


We work towards a LIVE gig at the end of term at local live music venues  where students get to showcase their amazing talents to a large audience.

Outside events include performing at Brilliant Brighton's switching on of the Brighton Christmas lights on the big stage, Paddle Round the Pier and Worthing Tide of Light Festival and Children's parade.

This term we will be showcasing our students' talents at:

The Richmond Pub Sunday 8th December

Previous gigs this year include:

The Duck Fayre in May 2019

Paddle round the pier in July 2019

Special needs

As an experienced primary school practitioner for over 20 years,   principal and lead tutor Helen, has worked with many  children with special needs including autism, ADHD, Aspergers as well as  those with physical disabilities. Our classes or 1:1 sessions can give these children and young people the chance to develop their musical skills and perform as part of a supportive group.

Music Education in schools

With all the recent and proposed cuts in the education budget schools are finding it more and more difficult to provide high quality music education, especially for primary school age children.


Many concerned parents, who recognise the value of arts education, are looking outside mainstream schools to supplement their children's learning. At Singing's Cool we can offer your child a unique experience: very highly trained music specialist teachers, working with the students in small groups to develop many of the skills that they  don't get the chance to experience at school.